To sell your arts, crafts and goods at The Enchanted Muse gallery, please begin here:

Consignment Handbook

Welcome to The Enchanted Muse: Art Music and Tea.  We’re excited to have you on board with our artists’ community.

This handbook outlines the consignment process.

Scope of this Document:
• Introduction
• How does it work?
• Benefits Provided
• Information Forms

How does it work?

The Enchanted Muse Gallery is a great marketplace for your arts, crafts, and goods.

Please fill in the Information Forms section below,
or download the forms (.pdf) and return to The Enchanted Muse:
731 South Front Street, Mankato MN or
eMail [email protected]

Once your application gets approved, we will contact you back to arrange an interview. 
Thank you for your interest in The Enchanted Muse.

Benefits Provided

The Enchanted Muse Gallery provides an attractive gallery showroom for your arts, crafts and goods.  You can set your prices and collect your sales proceeds monthly.

The Enchanted Muse Gallery wants the best success for our artists.  Providing online promotion through our online gallery websites and social media, our goal is to spread your works as far as possible.

Online Store:
Along with our gallery location in historic Mankato, the Muse Gallery offers an modern online store at  Sell your goods online through our digital storefront.

Your art looks great on swag.  Merchandising options are available to promote your artwork on t-shirts, notebooks, and the like.

Gallery Showings:
Gallery showings offer an opportunity to meet the public and get known.  Show your works and mingle with art aficionados during your own gallery event.

Information Forms
Please fill out these forms to submit your application for The Enchanted Muse Gallery.
We will contact you shortly. Have a nice day. 🙂

Artist Information Form

Art Information Form

Thank you very much! We will check all of this over and get back to you promptly. Have a nice day.